RegClean Pro

With advanced full-fledged features and cost-effective pricing, RegClean Pro from a famous system tool software company Systweak has gain a lot of fans and users around the world.  Now you can download a free trial version of it and Read content below.


Why RegClean Pro?

RegClean Pro detects and fixes your registry entries safely and easily, especially let us computer novice reassuring and easy. By reviewing the complete features and differences of this product, I summarized the advantages of it as below:

  • Highly Effective – Make your System More Faster
  • Friendly User-Interface –  Beautiful & effective Interface
  • A more stable system –  Get rid of unstable-prone entities
  • Fewer error messages – Clean up junk files
  • Safe and reliable  –  No Malware, spyware or spyware included
  • Cost-Effective – $29.95 For One Year License

User Interface Screenshot of RegClean Pro

RegClean Pro ScreenShot 1

The first screenshot as below is the main interface, and you can find that features including Status, Scan Registry, Defrag Registry, Backup Registry and Settings.

RegClean Pro ScreenShot 2

This screenshot shows a demo of scanning results of a demo computer, showing many registry errors and error report which can be fixed and repaired soon with this tool.

RegClean Pro ScreenShot 3

What’s Included?

Registry Scanner & Cleaner

As demonstrated in the screenshot below, you can find more than 1000 registry errors were found in the demo computer. After that ,you can be informed that the registry damage level of your system and fix errors with one click.

Registry Defragmenter

Most of people are ignorance of registry defragmenter. Actually, as a fact that, defrag computer registry is critical and necessary to speed up and tune up your system. With the feature of RegClean Pro, you can ultimately defrag your system registry effectively and safely. 

Registry Backup Tool

In case of your wrongdoing with your registry database, it’s recommended to backup the registry database before doing other operations on it. Systweak RegClean Pro provide you a easy and direct way to backup your registry with one click.

Other Settings.

Besides these key features, many other useful and effective tools are available, which help tune up and optimize your system effectively and necessary. You can get more details here.

Pricing Comparison

Yeah, the charming is that this program worth its money –  $29.95 a year which is a fair low pricing comparing other competitors and judging its high quality and features.

Buy It Now!

The Bottom Line

Comparing other common registry cleaners, RegClean Pro wins them. The Pricing, the safety, the features, and the effectiveness of this program make impression on me. Recommended by CNet, PC World and other famous PC Reviewer, I also recommended this program to you.


Advanced Disk Optimizer Review


Advanced Disk Optimizer is gentle software of The Vendor of RegClean Pro,which we can say, removes fragments from hard disk drive. We all know that the regular defragments make longer life of your computer’s hard drive by presenting graphical observation of the fragmentation level of your drive. The percentage and the process of disk fragmentation are calculated and then displayed with the help of this software. It also makes and shows a summary report before and after process. Advanced Disk Optimizer is a quite fast in defragging the files with a lovely interface which you like the most, and hence your system performance increases instantaneously.

Why to choose this?

When a hard drive is new, all its files are well organized in a series or neatly arranged in sequence. But when your computer becomes older, more and more files are read, edited and written in your hard drive and also many applications are installed or removed which makes your hard drive’s sequential unit fragmented i.e. some part of a data is stored at one place and remaining parts are at another place on the disc. These delocalized data cause longer time taking to read your application files and also will take a longer boot up time, which let in slower opening & closing of your application. Hence, a computer has to make a larger effort than it ought to in each data requests. So, recovering from this problem, you can use this software Advanced Disk Optimizer for removing all the fragments from your hard drive, just by assembling all small portion of free space together which helps you to obtain a huge area of free space, hence you can use this huge obtained area for a better storage purpose. In short, we can say that this software will helps in boosting your computer performance by defragmentation of your hard drive. Advanced Disk Optimizer is easy and safe for use. No need for high skill before operating this software. Anyone can operate this software perfectly.

Some significant features

Advanced Disk Optimizer is tool which defragments your hard drive and hence boosts the computer speed which in results make faster opening and closing of applications, decrement in startup time, data access time faster. By regular defragmentation, life of your hard drive will be increased and also makes your computer more responsive than earlier (before defragments). It also provides a graphical view of disk defragments process in percentage and also shows a summary response before or after defragment process.

How to get it

You can download this software from internet and use it after installing in your computer. Advanced Disk Optimizer is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista (both 32 and 64 bit). This downloaded software is of trial version, buy (just of $29.99) its full version and then you can able to use its all components. Advanced Disk Optimizer will defiantly boost your computer’s performance and make to run your computer smoothly. Use this software and feel the change in computing experience.

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RegClean Pro VS Free Registry Cleaner

Introduction of company/product:

Since the year of its establishment i.e. 1999, the Systweak Inc. is delivering quality services, not only in India but all across the globe. RegClean Pro is one of the IT Solutions & Services Company’s countless amazing products. To fix any slow PC and to eliminate errors occurring during registry, RegClean Pro software offered by Systweak Inc. is extremely user friendly. This innovative registry cleaner brings exclusive features for the users who are experiencing dragging performance, getting BSODs randomly i.e. Blue Screen(s), their PCs are freezing more frequently or crash down without any known reason or any kind of Windows errors bothering more often etc.

What are the key features of RegClean Pro?

The software in question brings salient features as follows:

It provides complete protection against your PC’s endangered registry caused by any or all of the above mentioned problems. Using its advanced scan engine the RegClean Pro is capable of cleaning any invalid registry error(s). Fixing the said invalid registry entries was never as easy as with RegClean Pro. It also performs de-fragmentation of registry. RegClean Pro Ensures long lasting and smothered performance of your PC. RegClean Pro Makes the critical most part of Windows, the registry, extremely easy. RegClean Pro Prevents the system’s overall performance from damage. It automatically helps users fixing all types of invalid registry entries. Even users with relevantly lesser experience and knowledge of handling the software will find it working for them almost automatically. Software’s interface is exclusively designed to save users’ precious time on fixing long array of registry errors. The software is works equally well on Windows XP, Windows 7 and also on Vista, being compatible with these Windows types. It certainly helps improving PC’s response time. And eventually it improves any system’s overall performance drastically.

The Good about Systweak’s RegClan Pro is:

It is available in extremely affordable price i.e. US$29.95 though along with all the above noted features so why to go for a Free Registry Cleaner? The company is a highly trusted name in the business whose mission is to make its users’ life as simpler and easier as possible; by providing the best possible and cost-effective, high quality software solutions.

The Bad

The users might encounter few cons while downloading the RegClean Pro software such as a mismatch of processor, an incompatible device or application error, performance tweak failure etc. if there are any preexisting problems, it is strongly recommended that before downloading the RegClean Pro; all such problems are removed to avoid any likely malfunction.

The Verdict

Since the pros of the product in question clearly overwhelm the fewer and almost nonexistent cons; use of RegClean Pro is highly recommended. Investing such little amount to obtain as wonderful and remarkable features as offered/promised by Systweak; is always a wise decision. Though there are countless other similar services offered by other IT Solution Companies yet giving RegClean Pro a try will not disappoint you, it is worth a try.

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How to Install and Uninstall RegClean Pro


It often become disturbing and irritating to scan and fix devices and software once introduced to a system. It is challenge for the antivirus programs to provide with the best software that finishes scan and fixes problem in the minimum time. Updates and alerts are also a part of a good antivirus system. But regclean makes the users believe that there is no problem with the scanned application or device or one can say that it fakes the guarantee of no virus making the users feel virus free while the problem rests in behind the lie that appears due to RegClean.


A program like RegClean makes the users feel that there are some real problems in the system that need to be attended and checked for the system to work properly. The fake notifications and word notes before installation lure the user to install the program.

This program may not even need installation manually because it downloads itself into the computer through Trojan (hidden viruses) an installs automatically. It is referred as a scam or a plot against the performance of the systems. The malware systems may take time but it is important that they give out the correct condition or information about the system.


Once the installation has been proceeded it is very easy to recognize its presence because it keeps on providing pop up messages and alerts continuously that become in ignorable at a certain stage.pop ups and computer update are an important part of the fast performance of the system but when theses popup become unhandled they indicate to RegClean.

Re clean launches its self each time the computer is started thus at a point of time in future the computer slows down. And the 404 error is the indicator of RegClean installation in computer.

One should put the system for scan immediately in order to get rid of the false alarms and fake correction information.


It becomes a difficult task to uninstall RegClean once it has been installed as it tends to block certain security sites. They are programmed to show broken links for sites that may help in their removal or uninstallation.All such programs are designed to be difficult to remove and manual removal is only fruitful to experts else wise the user may end up harming the system even more.

The manual removal includes the following steps:

· Stop processes

· Remove dll files

· Remove registry entries

· Remove certain files


For normal users it is recommended to uninstall the RegClean through automatic means.

There are some special software that are created or programmed to uninstall such software .they can be downloaded or purchased to remove RegClean Pro.

Perfect Uninstaller is a famous and safe way to clean out your system from RegClean. Such software detect the registry and the dll files themselves through safe means and then discard them without causing any further harm to the system.

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RegClean Pro Review 2012

PC starts collecting errors and issues from the minute you start using it. RegClean Pro is software for your computer which keeps it as new as before. It scans your computer and detects all the issues you might have in your drive. Then it reports you about them and starts its working. RegClean Pro cleans the registry, removes junk and unwanted files and applications, it defrags your disk. It prevents your system from crashing down and viruses. It costs you $29.9. It improves the speed and performance of your Pc; it has been proved to have more advanced features than any other free registry cleaner.


It fixes the errors of registry and deep cleans it. By removing the junk files and temporary files it increases the space of your hard drive. RegClean Pro updates you weekly about the issues your pc is developing and fixes it very carefully. It gives you a more stable computer with higher speed and higher working. Fragmentation is one of the most daunting Pc problems; it removes fragmentation and makes your pc more like new. The scattered and same files you have in different folders are organized and adjusted. It prevents your Pc from crashing down and containing viruses. Overall performance of your Pc is increased. Above all, RegClean Pro is easy and very safe to use. It provides you a backup system as well, for all the wrong decision it takes.


The biggest advantage of RegClean Pro is its commercial use. Large companies can install it and keep their Pc as new as before. Their Pc has fast speed which results in faster work. It removes the error and prevents them from coming back again. Also it is great for home use where families can keep their Pc safe for a very long time. The speed, performance and responsiveness of your Pc are increased a lot. It cleans your registry and removes fragmentation. It updates you regularly. It can be used by any one. You don’t have to be a professional while using RegClean Pro. It is easy and simple.


However, it has some limitations too. It is difficult to uninstall it and you might have to pay extra for some features, it is a bit costly and can make it unaffordable for some users. Also, the money back process takes a lot of time and also it can be less than what you actually paid.

The Verdict:

In the end I would say that with all the cons, the benefits of RegClean Pro are higher. It provides you a neat and clean PC which can work as new for a very long time. You will find no problems in speed and browsing while using your PC, what else does a computer user need? However, the cost can be reduced so that more users are attracted towards it and can benefit from the great features it has..

RegClean Pro – Key Features Reviewed

Hi, my friends. Welcome to my review. I want to introduce the most modern and the most advanced product called RegClean Pro ( ) to all of you. As an excellent and very good tool, it will be a good lesson to you. Let me give you a real knockdown to the new product. Fist, I will show you how to use this outstanding tool.

Download RegClean Pro. You can click the “Save” button when the File Download – Security warning dialog box are present. The second step, you can open save File Location freely. You can double-click on the r setup.exe to launch setup wizard after you completing the download. You can navigate the downloaded path. What you need to do is to follow the setup wizard step by step. You can complete the setup by yourself very easily. With the installer’s help, you can get through the installation of RegClean Pro. When you come across some difficult problems, please contact them at

I want to give you some installation instructions. It is difficult to find Adware, Spyware or Malware in this software called RegClean Pro. You can only clean 15 registry errors by this trial version. The product has the advanced scan engine beyond your imagination. You just need one-click and you can finish the invalid registry entries automatically and freely.

Some functions:

You can have faster system speed. You also have the excellent function of cleaning invalid registry errors. That increase another function called application response times. This strong software increases the speed of some programs and applications.

You can own the good function called smooth operation. This called an uncluttered registry. It can enhance most of the system performance. Above all, it can results in an over smoother system performance.

Third, you can own a more stable system. This product can provide you a more stable environment for you to work in. This software can regularly fixing some registry errors. You can avoid some phenomenon such as random system crashes, BSODs and frequent runtime errors.

Fourth, you can easily own fewer error messages. I should recommend you to clean the registry again and again in order to prevent some common Windows error messages.

Thank you for reading my review. Please share this news with your friends and your classmates. God bless you! I sincerely hope that you get what you need!